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Scooter Rental Questions

Q. What type of scooters do you use?

We use Amigo,Pacesaver and Pride.

Q. How old are scooters?

Our scooters are new or fairly new.
Motors are not more than a year old.

Each scooter goes through a 12 point check before being put back in service with full charge.

Q. How long will charge last?

Charge will last 20-25 miles enough for a day at parks.
They can also be charged (free) at theme park restaurants while enjoying lunch.

Q. How do you charge battery?

Simply plug in into regular outlet overnight.

Q. Don't know my villa or hotel address yet?

No problem just give us a call once you have arrived at local accommodations to arrange delivery.

Q: What time do you deliver and pickup the scooter rentals?

Scooters are delivered 8AM-5PM seven days a week,year round including holidays.

If your arrival is after 5PM call delivery number.
Phone lines open till 10PM to arrange early morning delivery.

Q. What size car do I need?

Mid size car or larger.

Q. Does scooter come apart for loading?

Scooter disassembles in less than a minute into 5 pieces no tools needed.
Heaviest piece weighs 42 lbs.

Q. What if scooter fails to operate?

In the unlikely event scooter should breakdown call us.
We will go to park and either repair or replace scooter.

Q. How big is the seat?

Regular scooters (under 300 lbs) 18" seat.
Heavy duty scooters (over 300 lbs) 21"-24" seat depending on height and weight.

Q. Does scooter has a basket?

Basket is included and will fit a large purse or small dog.

Q. Does scooter have a canopy?

Canopies are $15 per week and strongly recommended during summer time.

Q. 3 wheel or 4 wheel scooters?

We use 3 wheel scooters.
They provide the best maneuverability in tight places.

Q. What if I change hotels during my stay?

No problem! no extra charge!
Let us know where you want scooter delivered and picked up from.

Q. Do I need to purchase insurance?

No any scooter company requiring you to buy insurance is basically adding a nuisance fee to raise rental price.

Just take your scooter ignition key with you when you get off the scooter.
No other scooter rental company has the same key as ours.

Q. How do I reserve my electric scooter?

Use our user friendly order form or call 407 415 7283.
Let the customer service rep which site you found us on.

Q. What is cancellation policy?

Never a cancellation fee.
Please let us know 24 hours in advance is all we ask.

Q: When do you run the charges on my card?

Card is charged within 24 hours.
Email confirmation is sent when card has been charged.


Your Orlando Mobility Scooter Includes

Price Comparison Disney Price Our Price You Save
1 week-300 lbs/-21 stone $350 $180 $170
1 week 300-450 lbs/22-32 stone $350 $200 $150
2 weeks-300 lbs/-21 stone $700 $280 $470
2 weeks 300-450 lbs/22-32 stone $700 $300 $400

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