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Electric Scooter Rental

If you or a member of your family has mobility limitations then you will truly appreciate the benefits of renting a scooter on your next visit to Orlando.

There are an incredible number of attractions to see when on vacation in Orlando, and you certainly don’t want to be limited in which ones you are able to take in.

The theme parks and surrounding Orlando areas are very accessible to those who have mobility concerns, so you’ll find it a breeze navigating your way around Orlando on your next getaway.

The theme parks offer their own scooter rentals on a first come basis with no advance reservations allowed.

Scooters must be returned at end of day also.

This policy limits your ability to readily navigate other areas of Orlando for the duration of your stay. Rent a Scooter From us

Renting a scooter from us will mean that you have the freedom to explore the grounds of your resort, to explore a range of nighttime entertainment options, and simply just have the freedom that you deserve while on vacation.

A rental will also provide you with a lot more flexibility when preparing for your trip, as you won’t need to worry about the need to pack and travel with your own personal scooter.

You can leave your personal scooter at home and rely on your scooter rental to be ready for you once you arrive in Orlando.

Another great benefit to renting a scooter on your Orlando trip is that it can be significantly more affordable of an option over renting a scooter at the theme parks each day that you are there.

By renting a mobility scooter from us, you’ll save a fair amount of money and be able to easily get from attraction to attraction.

Theme Park Scooters

The theme parks do not permit their scooters to be used outside of their own parks, which could see you with the need to rent two scooters in one single day if you plan on attending more than one park or attraction in a single day.

While the theme parks do their utmost to maintain their rentals, you’ll find that renting a scooter from us will offer you scooters that are simply better maintained, in excellent shape, and showing much less in the way of wear and tear.

As an added bonus you’ll also find a much better selection of models to pick between.

Don’t let your mobility limitations keep you from thoroughly enjoying your stay in Orlando.

Take in all of the incredible sights, sounds, and tastes that Orlando has to offer guests, by making full use of a mobility scooter that will be yours to use for the duration of your holiday.

Lightweight, easy to fold up and take on the go, you’ll be able to experience the journey that will provide you with a lifetime of memories.

You deserve a vacation that is truly unforgettable.

A mobility scooter will give you the freedom to explore and have the adventures that everyone is looking for in Orlando.

Scooter Rental Rates

Minimum rental is 2 days.

First 2 days:
Under 300 lbs (21 stone) $75
Additional days $35 per day
Weekly rate $180
Additional weeks @ $100 per week.
First 2 days:
300-450lbs (22-32 stone) $100
Additional days $35 per day
Weekly rate $200
Additional weeks @ $100 per week.

Scooter Types

Theme Parks Scooters
Victory 10
Cruise Ship Scooters


Your Orlando Mobility Scooter Includes

Price ComparisonDisney PriceOur PriceYou Save
1 week-300 lbs/-21 stone$350$180$170
1 week 300-450 lbs/22-32 stone$350$200$150
2 weeks-300 lbs/-21 stone $700$280$470
2 weeks 300-450 lbs/22-32 stone$700$300$400

As a Scooter Rentals Customer you have access to some great discounts on Disney tickets.